PT SportSuite launches video distribution service to FAST Channel providers


At PT SportSuite, we are committed to providing our clients with solutions that enhance their ability to engage with their audiences and maximize the value of their media rights. Today, we are excited to announce the latest addition to our suite of video OTT services: distribution of video assets to 3rd party FAST (Free Ad-supported Streaming TV) platforms. This new service will enable current and future clients to efficiently package and share their content to multiple FAST platforms, to assist in reaching wider audiences and unlocking new revenue streams.

What is FAST Distribution?

FAST distribution is an emerging trend in the sports media landscape that allows rights holders to deliver video content to various ad-supported platforms. Unlike traditional subscription-based models, FAST channels are free for viewers, with revenue generated through advertisements. This model has gained significant traction, offering a win-win scenario: audiences get access to quality content at no cost, while content providers and advertisers benefit from increased viewership and engagement.

How PT SportSuite’s FAST Distribution Works

Our FAST distribution service is designed to simplify the process of delivering video content to multiple FAST platform partners. Here’s how it works:

  1. Centralised Cloud Library: First your content is added to PT’s advanced digital asset management (DAM) system – either via automated ingest or upload. This ensures all your media assets are securely stored and easily accessible.
  2. Playlist Manager: Content is picked from the DAM into the PT playlist manager, putting the power in your hands to create and edit your FAST playlists.
  3. Multi-Platform Distribution: Once your playlist is ready, it can be distributed to various 3rd party FAST platforms via MRSS feed – ensuring your content reaches a broad and diverse audience.

Case Study: Professional Squash Association (PSA)

One of the first clients to benefit from our FAST distribution service is Professional Squash Association (PSA). PSA’s SQUASHTV, a premier streaming destination for squash fans, has partnered with PT SportSuite to distribute its content to FAST channels.

Through our collaboration, the new SQUASHTV FAST Channel is now available on Amazon Freevee in the US – with more platform roll-outs planned as the year progresses. This expansion has significantly increased SQUASHTV’s reach, allowing squash fans worldwide to enjoy live matches, highlights, and exclusive content for free, while also driving advertising revenue for PSA.

Why consider FAST Distribution

  • Increased Reach: Distribute content across multiple platforms to reach a larger and more diverse audience.
  • Revenue Generation: Create a new revenue stream without the need for viewers to pay for a subscription.
  • Enhanced Viewer Experience: Attract new audiences with free access to content.
  • Flexibility and Control: Our platform provides content providers with the tools they need to manage their FAST media assets effectively.

Looking Ahead

At PT SportSuite, we are constantly innovating to provide our clients with the best tools and services in the industry. Our new FAST distribution service is a testament to our commitment to helping content providers maximise their reach and revenue potential.

We are excited to see how our clients leverage this new service to enhance their content distribution strategies. If you are interested in learning more about how PT SportSuite’s FAST distribution can benefit your organisation, please get in touch with our team today.

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