Digital Asset Management

Our simple, powerful AWS digital asset management platform allows sports organisations to operate like true digital-first publishing houses by centrally storing, controlling and managing digital assets in the cloud. A simple user interface means you can control your media assets across multiple teams, business units and brands.

Media types

Audio Files

Access your media - anytime, anywhere

Being a professional sporting body means publishing content to a dedicated community of fans 24/7, 365 days a year. Sporting news can happen anywhere, and at any time, meaning you need instant access to your digital media assets, no matter where you are in the world.

Authorised access

Provide your media team with a simple, single sign-in to your web dashboard so they can access digital media on any device while protecting your media assets.

Powerful Elasticsearch engine

Rapid media searches mean you don’t have to waste valuable time trying to find the required digital assets for your breaking news item, feature or announcement after a match, or while on tour.

Single view of media assets

Keep media content from brands, teams, freelance collaborators, players, fans and employees in your community in one secure, central location, providing you with a single view of where and how your media is being used.

Media intelligence analysis

PT SportSuite DAM’s powerful image & video analysis functionality classifies bulk sets of images/videos into thousands of categories via machine learning – making your media infinitely searchable and discoverable

Download the Digital Asset Management brochure

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Advanced services



Check images for use on the web


Auto-tag images with keywords


Detect public landmarks


Render visible text within images


List visible logos within images


Facial recognition on public figures



Transcribe video audio into text to enrich searchability


AI tagging of videos with keywords


Clip sections of videos for further re-use


Video transcode into any format

Video serving

Optimised videos served through global cloudfront CDN

“The sight of memory sticks and external hard drives holding our most precious footage used to fill me with fear that something could easily happen and we lose everything. I feel much more secure now that all of our extremely valuable footage is safe and sound!”

– Lisa Knights, Bristol Sport group head of communications

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