Digital Media Workflow

SportMojos is the ultimate multi-tenant media ecosystem for leagues, associations, tournaments and clubs.

More than just a digital media workflow platform, SportMojos empowers media collaboration and engagement across multiple teams, departments, sponsors, players and fans.

Powering digital media collaboration across these organisations

Branded multi-tenant ecosystem

SportMojos can be white-labelled with your brand identity – allowing you to create a branded, private media collaboration ecosystem. Share and distribute content across leagues, federations, franchises, clubs, tournaments or championship events.

Standardise content requests with Challenges facility

Collect all incoming content on your branded cloud dashboard

Distribute content for further publishing and social sharing

Download the Digital Media Collaboration & Community Engagement brochure

Access this useful resource for offline reading or for easy sharing.

Secure media sharing with all stakeholders

Set yourself apart by establishing your own branded media portal. Provide your brand partners and sponsors with access to exclusive media content – safely, securely and instantly.

Share media IP effectively with sponsors/media partners

Securely collect digital media from sponsor/media partners

Multiple private sponsor/media partner dashboards

“This new digital content system greatly improves our ability to collaborate across the League. I’m most excited about the possibilities for more content generated by our athletes, and improved storytelling of our brand partnerships.”

– Major League Rugby commissioner George Killebrew

Tell your players’ stories

Are you maximising the potential of your players when it comes to your content strategy? The SportMojos’ Player Zone give you the tools to provide the comprehensive player content and stats that your fans crave.

Web and app player profile management

Player media challenges facility

3rd party stats API integration

Transform fans into brand storytellers

UGC, advocacy marketing – call it what you will but authentic content from your community of fans is worth its weight in gold.

With SportMojos you can package, encourage and reward fan engagement – making fan stories a bedrock of your fan engagement strategy.

Create fan UGC Challenge campaigns

Provide reward incentives that encourage participation

Offer branded campaigns to sponsors/media partners

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