D2C Streaming Series – Data Gathering


First-party data collection is one of the critical strategic imperatives when it comes to launching any fan-facing digital property in sportstech. This is evidenced by data collected in PwC’s 2023 Global Sports Survey, in which respondents placed “greater access to fan data” as one of the top expectations for brands looking to partner with professional sports organisations.

In the fifth of our quick-read D2C Streaming Series, the PT team will be looking at how you can encourage fans to share their data to your benefit – and theirs.

This month: Data Gathering …

Whether it’s to provide more personalised experiences, increase revenue via targeted advertising and sponsorship, reduce reliance on third-party data providers, or to gather valuable insights on fan behaviours and interests, there is huge benefit to be had for sports organisations who can encourage and incentivise their fans to to share their data.

Here’s what you need to know …


Fans are becoming more and more aware of how their personal information is being used and are more cautious about sharing their data – even with a trusted brand. Be transparent about how the data will be used and how the fan will benefit in a clear value exchange. Clearly communicate how the fans stand to gain, for instance personalized content and recommendations.

Transparency can also play a role in increasing the value of the data collected. By giving fans a better understanding of how their data is being used, they are more likely to provide accurate information, which can help to a more complete profile of the fan. This, in turn, can lead to better personalization, and a more satisfying digital fan experience.


It’s all about control. An opt-in approach means that fans can actively choose to share their data, and customise what information they want to share, rather than an implicit agreement that more than likely does not meet the required compliance measures.

To ensure compliance across our clients’ owned and operated digital properties, PT integrates with industry-standard Iubenda Compliance Solutions – which ensures full compliance across multiple territories and legislations – including not limited to GDPR, EU Cookie Law and CCPA frameworks.


Tangible rewards or incentives – like subscription discounts, access to premium content, or sponsored prizes – can be a powerful motivator and incentive for fans to share their data.

Make sure to partner with a streaming provider who can provide mechanisms for engagement via incentivised competitions and campaigns that will give fans another reason to share their data – knowing they will be more receptive to filling out a simple form if that is what your competition or campaign requires.

The key is to take a measured approach. Ask too much of the new fan user upfront and you stand to alienate or discourage that fan from engaging further. Rather look at data collection as a journey in which information is collected over time and based on continuous, mutually beneficial exchanges – with the end result being a clearer, more comprehensive fan profile.


For multi-brand sports organisations like leagues, tournaments or international federations that need to cater for multiple fan communities within a single platform, it is important to provide a tailored experience by allowing fans to “follow” or select their favourite team or athlete within your D2C streaming platform.

The benefits of this are shared among the organisation, who can segment audience groups based on affiliation, and for the fans, who can look forward to tailored content experiences, including match notifications, team-specific news and video feeds, and relevant advertising. 

Personalised content is the key value point that will encourage fans to share their data and should be communicated effectively at the point of capture so fans understand how they will benefit.

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