D2C Streaming Series – Historical Assets


In the second of our quick-read series on the key factors sports organisations should be asking themselves before setting out on the D2C journey – lets take a look at the role of your historical video assets and how they can be leveraged to maximise the investment you’re putting in to your D2C platform.

This week: Historical Assets

Tapping into the nostalgia and ongoing relevance of older video content is a sure fire way to increase interest and revenue of your D2C platform – while increasing the lifecycle, relevance and value of your hard earned media IP. Consider the following …


How secure are your historical video assets? Even today, there are still many sports organisations without one central, cloud-based library of media IP – with media scattered across multiple 3rd-party platforms and even physical hard drives and other storage devices.

Coupled with the need for users to access video content in a remote-working world from multiple locations and devices – most organisations are looking for ways to centralise all video assets in the cloud. But how?

PT’s AWS-powered DAM solution solves this issue by migrating all historical video assets from multiple sources into your own access-controlled cloud media environment to protect the future value of media IP.


If you can’t find it – it has no value. It’s one thing to migrate assets into a central cloud library or DAM, but without effective asset tagging, the ability to take stock of historical video assets or even recall them when required can be a nightmare.

Best-in-class cloud platforms like PT’s DAM solution provides powerful video analysis functionality that does the heavy lifting, classifying bulk sets of videos into multiple categories – making media infinitely searchable and discoverable.


Consider which moments and events resonate with fans and which ones are most likely to generate interest and engagement.
Utilise your historical video assets as a marketing tool for your D2C platform. By showcasing significant moments and events, you can attract new fans, increase brand recognition, drive engagement and ultimately increase subscriptions.


Access to live matches or tournaments is the main driver for paid subscriptions but for your loyal fans, VOD services that provide access to “classic matches”, historical interviews and behind-the scenes clips that provide a window into the past, represents a major opportunity to increase revenue and maximise the value of your media rights.

Evaluate the potential for monetising your historical video assets. Consider offering access to historical content as part of a paid subscription to premium content, or even through sponsored partnerships.

Why listen to us? PT has worked with the likes of Professional Squash Association, Six Nations Rugby and Bristol Sport to migrate and secure historical and incoming video media into their own AWS-powered DAM environment – the first step in putting down a solid foundation for the success of your D2C video strategy.

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