SportsPro Media collaborate with PT SportSuite to launch SportsPro+ premium subscription service


SPORTSPRO+ is the leading media and event business’ new paid subscription service.

This innovative service aims to deliver a personalised, content-rich experience for sports business professionals, providing unparalleled business intelligence, exclusive reports, and overall value.

Through this collaboration, PT SportSuite continues to demonstrate its commitment to providing cutting-edge website solutions for the sports industry, as evidenced by the launch of SPORTSPRO+, a platform that allows members to successfully navigate the next frontier of sport.

SPORTSPRO+ offers a tiered subscription offering to deliver a tailored experience to cater for individual interests and requirements, including:

Personalised Feed
A customisable content feed that delivers news and insights by category, sport, location, and company. Members can favourite articles and view their reader history in one convenient place.

SP Wire
A one-stop shop and super-feed of sports business news, aggregating top stories from SportsPro and other international sports media outlets as they break – by the hour, by the day.

Commercial Guides
Access to the latest commercial activity and contract terms for every major sports property. Including accurate financial data, market-by-market breakdowns, and proprietary analytics.

Business Directory
An in-depth business directory covering 500+ major rights holders, broadcasters, sponsors, agencies, and service providers. Users can navigate the interrelated network of key players and gain essential insights into the latest business strategies.

Video Library
Over 100 hours of on-demand sports business content, including interviews, podcasts, panel sessions, presentations, masterclasses, and explainers.

Membership & Community
The SportsPro Community connects a global network of industry players, thought leaders, and trailblazers – peer-to-peer knowledge shares, exclusive meetups, mentorship programmes, roundtable discussions, and more.

SPM CEO Nick Meacham said: “SPORTSPRO+ has been a project many years in the making, so we’re delighted to have further enhanced the way we serve our global sports industry audience. We’ve been thrilled by the immediate uptake and reaction from the SportsPro community. As with all digital products and strategies, the launch is just the first phase of a longer-term journey, so we’re excited to unveil the next steps and additions in the months to come.”

PT COO Sally Arnold said: “It was a rewarding experience working closely with the SportsPro technical and media teams to bring their vision to full fruition. It took many months of hard work and collaboration across platform providers and integration points to deliver this exciting new offering that places SportsPro as a leader in the sports media space. 

“Our PT design and development team worked collaboratively with SportsPro to initially design what the SportPro envisioned as their premium offering, and then developed each module with a close eye on user experience and ease of use.” is a PT WebSuite implementation. Learn more about PT’s WebSuite Sports Theme or drop us a line to arrange a personal demo with our team.

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